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Product drop!

Product drop!


Dots. Dots everywhere. 

We love our textiles. From every point in the product chain. Because we don't chose a fabric, the fabric chooses us. How does that work? 
Easy: Deadstock. 

Fabrics that otherwise would have been discarded, or destroyed, gets another chance for life. We save leftover fabric with the help of out friends over at Svanefors, all while letting people from other countries work train and practicing the Swedish language. Want to know more? Check out how we work sustainably.

Introducing: The Shell Mattress Dots - a more playful take on our classic Shell Mattress. 

The Straw Shell mattress dots Product drop
Shell Mattress dots form above detailsThe Dotted Shell mattress from the Straw

The Straw Logo Shell

The dotted print are perfect for the children's bedroom or play area. Offering a soft, and cozy cushion that is pleasing to the eye.

We'd like to say that this dotted Shell Mattress is as cute as it is versatile, here are some styling tips on how you can integrate the Shell to your spaces. 

The Shell Mattress in kitchenThe Shell mattress as rugThe Shell mattress on bed with rattan headboard

 Need more fabric in your life? 

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