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Which sunbed are you?

Which sunbed are you?


The Straw Sunbeds

We love all our The Straw Sunbeds the same, but we're aware that they are better suited depending on the situation. We have our Original foldable sunbed - perfect around the house. And the more portable Picnic Chair that can tag along to whatever destination you have your heart set on. Which one are you?


Feeling classic? The classics always work.
Put this in your back
yard, by the pool or why not on the balcony?

You know what you want, and that is to let your hair down and just focus on you.

Get two and prepare for a relaxing and sunny summer season with your loved one. 

Classic Sunbed Two people by the pool

The Straw Logo Shell


Find it hard to stay in one place? The world is way to big to be confined to just one space.

This one is for the globetrotters, always ready to explore and enjoy whatever surroundings you find.

Available in elegant tiny netting and bold, grid netting.

The Straw Picnic Chair in Grass

Both sunbeds are made out of the sustainable natural material rattan, and can be folded so it lays flat on the ground. 
The back rest reclines to 3 different levels.

The sunbed experience isn't complete without our beach accessories, designed to make every day count. 

We recommend our lightweight, absorbent beach blanket, along with the soft Shell Mattress for comfortable sitting. 

Now available in a new, dotted print! 

The Shell Mattress White by poolThe Straw Thin Beach Towel by pool

 Does this sound like you? Just click on the images to find your next favorite summer essentials. 




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