Shell Mattress White and grey
Shell Mattress - "Snäcka"
Shell Mattress White and grey
The Straw Shell Mattress on bench
Shell Mattress Medium  used as headboard with white sheets
The Straw Shell Mattress above
The Straw Shell Mattress on low bench in beige setup
Shell Mattress Medium on beige chair with pillow
Shell Mattress Medium Snow White laying on sofa
Shell Mattress Medium in baby basket with organic cloth and toys
Shell Mattress Medium laying on bed next to ceramic vase and window
Shell Mattress - "Snäcka"
Shell Mattress - "Snäcka"
Shell Mattress - "Snäcka"
Shell Mattress - "Snäcka"

Shell Mattress - "Snäcka"

595 SEK

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This just in! 

This shell can be used in many ways - like a decorative, and smart, cover on your favorite couch or as a cushion on your dinner chair to make it more stylish and comfy. It can also be used by our smallest ones - like a small play mat or as a cute pillow in the baby basket or stroller.

Width Ø: 100 cm
Length: 80 cm

Width Ø: 120 cm
Length: 100 cm

NOTE: Machine wash at 30° 

The shell is made from dead stock from other Swedish companies, among others, Svanefors. It is produced in Gothenburg, Sweden, by the lovely people at Fabrikörerna, an integration organisation that offer people from other countries working training while also practicing the Swedish language. All to welcome them in a better way to Sweden. 

Read more about our sustainability work with re-loved textiles here.