Carpet Beater in Rattan hanging on wall
Carpet Beater in Rattan hanging on wall
Carpet Beater artwork in natural Rattan on table
Carpet Beater in natural Rattan material hanging in middle of curtains
Carpet Beater in Rattan leaning against wall with curtains
Carpet Beater by artisans Close-up on details
Rattan artwork Carpet Beater Close-up on The Straw tag

Carpet Beater

250 SEK

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400 SEK

We all remember pieces like this from our childhood.

This carpet beater is a rattan artwork, hand made by artisans. It's made to be used - for ages - cleaning up furniture, carpets or bedding. But it can also just be used to decorate your home hanging on a knob visible for everyone.
A truly versatile piece of home decoration, if you so choose.

A piece of art. And at the same time a practical tool to keep your home free from dust. 

Width Ø: approx. 30 cm
Length: 100 cm