Care for your products

Rattan furniture

This is applicable for all our rattan furniture, such as the sun bed.

Rattan is a natural material and will over time be brittle and sensitive to pressure. To keep the rattan nice and healthy it must be looked after regularly. This is done by spraying some water on your rattan once a month. Spray the water on the back of the rattan and wipe any excess water away with a cloth.

To give your rattan furniture some extra love and care and to make it last even longer, add some soap flakes into a bottle of lukewarm water and then apply it as described above.

Do not put a lot of pressure on your rattan with a foot or a knee, e.g. standing or stepping on it. For the sun beds, do not fold it flat and stand or walk on the back rest as this may cause the rattan to break.

Also remember that rattan cannot withstand heavy rain, snow or too much sun. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring your rattan furniture inside or under a roof when not using it.