Palm Leafs from The Straw in big vase
Palm Leafs from The Straw in big vase
Three Palm Leafs natural sun-dried  in the sun
Palm Leafs standing on a bench made from natural material
Palm Leafs in Vintage Beverage Jug hand-made
Palm Leafs in big ceramic vase in the sun
Palm Leafs naturally sun-dried standing in dotted pot

Palm Leafs - Bunch of five

575 SEK

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Add some low-maintenance plants.

Natural sun dried palm leaves for wall decor, as a decoration above a sofa, on a hook in your bedroom or as a beautiful statement stilleben in a vase or a pot in a corner of your home. Dried palm leaves will last for years and don’t require watering or any maintenance. 

Color: In natural tones between light sandy beige to reddish brown terracotta. 

Width Ø: approx 30- 50 cm
Height: 70-110 cm 
Sizes varies

Pack of 5 leafs, mixed sizes large to small. 

NOTE: This is a natural product and each leaf is unique, so shape, colour, size and overall appearance will vary from piece to piece. Please keep them dry.