Vintage Pot Round shape standing by bed with pillows
Vintage Pot Round shape standing by bed with pillows
Vintage Pot Round shape on kitchen island
Vintage Pot Round shape Close-up in the sun
Vintage Pot Round shape standing on floor next to ceramic pots

Vintage Pot - Round Shape

2 295 SEK

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Unique pieces to take home.

These vintage pots are one of a kind and made of clay with a natural and raw finish. They are all aged with a true patina. Colours are shifting between grey, green, brown and terracotta. 

They work both as a detail outdoor or indoor - as a stand alone piece or used in a group with other pots. 

All vintage pots have more or less variations in colours and shapes, as they are unique. But all are individually picked by our hands, so we can guarantee beauties in each piece.

Width Ø: approx. 45 cm
Height: approx. 45 cm 

NOTE: The pots are not 100% water- or frost proof. Therefore, we recommend an inner pot for all plants. Cracks can occur if a plant is planted directly in the pot or if left outside when below zero. 

Delivery: Due to the fragile nature and size these beautiful pots are only picked up at our warehouse in Bromma, Sweden. 

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